Studio Visit: musician and artist, Chaz B.

A few weeks before our Summer ’17 show, we headed over to Oakland for a round of studio visits with our featured artists. Our first stop was with Chaz B., of Company Studio and Toro y Moi, in his spacious art and music workspace. Chaz uses vibrant colors and a free-flowing hand to create his large-scale, abstract paintings. His work is evocative of both his musical oeuvre and the physical and cultural landscape of the West Coast, which he has called home for the better part of a decade. His fifth studio album, Boo Boo, was released on July 17th via Carpark Records.

On his inspirations and motivations for his work, Chaz says, “I just try to reference the things that I like, poppier motifs and just things that I love – Daft Punk, Pharrell, whatever. It’s about picking your favorite parts and duplicating them and letting them naturally turn into your own thing. With visual art, people are just going to like it or not, regardless if it reminds them of someone else. Design in general has always been a passion of mine, and music more of a hobby. I’m passionate about music, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if I’m just focusing on it because I love it or because it’s my most successful thing right now.”