Studio Visit: artist Grace Rosario Perkins

We visited Grace Rosario Perkins, founder and one fourth of California-based Black Salt Collective, in her sunny backyard garage studio in Oakland. Grace’s work focuses on disassembling her personal narrative and reassembling it into a new lexicon. She layers words, objects, faces, and sounds built from cultural dissonance, language, and history into a dizzying array of patterns and visuals.

On her work and process, Grace says, “I create things and then use them over and over and over again, making my own language. I consider my work as movement, and I think you can see that in the paint. I believe the way you make breakthroughs in art isn’t so much about your technical ability but just the process of doing something over and over and over again until you see the magic happen.”

Black Salt Collective is currently working on their first book, coming in Spring 2018.