People: Sam Barsky & His Sweaters

Sam Barsky is an American artist out of Baltimore who recently became internet famous for his hand-made sweaters. The free-knit creations are amazing on their own but it’s Barsky’s whole process, especially the “selfie” aspect, that endeared the self-taught knitter to the world at large.

Barsky will book a trip to an iconic (or not-so-iconic) destination, spend the next few months knitting a “postcard” sweater and then ultimately wearing it in a selfie in front of the depicted scene. His wife, Deborah, joins him on all of his trips and together they’ve been all over world. To this day he’s knit over 100 sweaters.

His work has been displayed in numerous galleries, as well as the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore. The easiest way to follow him and his work is to follow him onĀ Instagram.