Bookshelf: One Room Living, by Sue Rowlands (1977)

In San Francisco, or really any population-dense area, we’re constantly confronted with the problem of space – specifically, the lack of it. Sue Rowland’s 1977 book One Room LivingĀ looked to tackle the problem of small space living with a decidedly positive and deliberate approach.

The ’70’s rejection of the more-is-more consumer culture of previous generations led to a revolution in interior design. The idea of pared-down living, multi-use and functional furniture, and a simpler concept of the idea of “home” gained popularity as baby boomers began to venture out on their own. A one room space, through a clever use of partitions and elevation, could be enough room for an entire family.

In Rowland’s words, “This book is written for people who find themselves making their home within four walls, whatever the shape or size and whatever the circumstances. It’s designed to inspire new ideas, but most of all make you think about sensible solutions to the general problem of living happily in small or open-plan spaces.”