Spotlight: Gentle Thrills

If you’ve been to any of our last few shows, you may have noticed a particularly colorful corner, a sort of day-glo signal-fire among the long rows of vendors. That neon explosion is courtesy of Gentle Thrills, the LA-based clothing brand with a fondness for bold colors and perfectly weird designs.

Gentle Thrills is a one-woman show run by Isa Beniston, an artist and blogger turned designer and creative powerhouse. Armed with a paintbrush or an airbrush, Beniston draws on her artist background to create a line of goods that are at once silly and substantial. There is no denying her talent and unique vision in her work; you can spot a Gentle Thrills piece from a mile away.

Beniston has a long history with WCC: she was a scholarship winner at our 2016 summer show, has participated in every show since, and is now a mentor for one of our INTRO vendors. Beniston has recently teamed up with fellow fearlessly colorful WCC vendor, Big Bud Press, on a limited run of pieces, including backpacks, pins, and tees. Both brands will be at our winter show this November 18th & 19th.

On why airbrush features so heavily in her work, Beniston tells us, is “because of efficiency, effect, and connotation! Airbrush is the fastest way to get color, paint, and ideas onto wearable objects, and I like to think the soft effect of the paint gels well with my drawing style. It’s also an extra bonus for me to be working with a medium mostly seen on the Venice boardwalk or at the local county fair – I like that I’m doing a contemporary female take on an American classic.”