Watch: The Art of Peter Shire

Artist Peter Shire has been active in the art scene since the 1970’s. Living and working out of his studio in Echo Park, Los Angeles, the city’s influence on his work is apparent: an ever-changing city produces an ever-changing artist.

His early work, fanciful brightly colored teapots covered in things you wouldn’t normally find on a teapot, garnered the attention of Memphis, an international design group. Founded by Ettore Sottsass in Italy in the 1980’s, Memphis was known for a bold, colorful, and somewhat silly approach in a rejection of conventional design standards of the time. Sottsass found Shire’s teapots to be “fresh, witty, and full of information for the future”, and subsequently invited him to join the group. Shire was the only American member of Memphis.

Though Shire has dabbled in painting, architecture, furniture, and even fashion, he always returns to his first love: ceramics.

Under the name Echo Park Pottery, Shire’s work is sold only four places in the world – one of them being Gravel & Gold, in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Watch a bit about his process below!