Watch: Alone in the Wilderness (1969/2004)

In 1969, Richard “Dick” Proenneke enmbarked on a grand experiment that would end up lasting the rest of his life: what would it be like to live and survive alone in the Alaskan wilderness?

Settling in a remote part of the forest, Proenneke finds, surveys, and hand-builds a cabin on the land he would end up living out the rest of his life on. More poetry than science, Alone in the Wilderness features Proenekke’s musings on everything from the best way to trap a mink to our place in the universe to the nature of solitude.

Compiled mostly of 16mm tripod footage and Proenneke’s Walden-esque musings, Alone in the Wilderness is a meditative journey that’s much more than just a man building a cabin alone in the wilderness.