APPLY FOR WCC Winter 2016

WCC is excited to continue the West Coast Craft Scholarship Program for our 2016 Winter show.

We see this as an investment in the community of craftspeople and hope to highlight the work of emerging artists and designers by offering three free half booths and the chance to introduce their work to a wide and captive audience.

To qualify for a WCC Scholarship booth you cannot have shown in a large craft or design show before, i.e. 50+ vendors.

Applicants are only responsible for the non-refundable $20 application fee, and should they be accepted, for any additional rental charges (i.e. tables, linens, additional chairs, electrical and Wi-Fi access). Scholarship applications will not be considered until the $20 application fee has been paid.

Scholarship applicants will be notified on September 1st whether or not they have been awarded one of these booths.

Please note: potential vendors may apply for either a scholarship or a paid booth, but not both.

WCC Scholarship booths are now closed.


What are the booth sizes and costs?

Full booths are 10’x10’ and $725. Half booths are 6’x10’ and $450*. Shared full booths are $375 per vendor and shared half booths are $250 per vendor. Shared booths may not be shared by more than two vendors. Payments for your desired booth are required at the time of application.

What does the booth fee cover?

Each booth is piped and draped, and comes with two chairs and a sign. There are additional charges should you choose to rent tables, linens, extra chairs, and/or electrical and Wi-Fi access. WCC works very hard to keep these additional costs as low as possible for our vendors.

Is there an application fee?

A $20 non-refundable jurying fee is included in the application cost. Should you be accepted, this fee will be applied to the full amount of your booth. Should you not be accepted to show at WCC, your booth fee will be refunded minus the $20 application fee.

How soon after I apply will I know if I have been accepted or not?

Once the application and payment is received, you can expect to hear the results of the jurying process within 30 days of applying. PLEASE NOTE: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply early to ensure your best chance of being accepted!

Can I share a booth?

If you would like to share a booth with another vendor, please indicate with whom in the “Notes” section of the application form. The person with whom you would like to share must apply at the same time in order for the applications to be considered. West Coast Craft will not be responsible for pairing vendors in booths.

Do I need to have a website for my work?

WCC requires that you have either a website or ecommerce site that accurately reflects the work you intend to show at West Coast Craft.

Is there a limit to the selling price of the work that I want to show at WCC?

There is no limit on the price point of the items you plan to exhibit.

Does my work have to be DIY or specifically “craft”?

There are no restrictions on items that would be categorized as fine art or fine craft. WCC seeks to bridge that space between “craft” and “fine art” and welcomes applicants working in all areas.

Do I have to be living on the West Coast to apply?

As this is a show focused on the West Coast movement in craft, art, and design, the majority of our booths will be reserved for artisans living and working on the West Coast. However, WCC will accept a small number of applicants who do not live on the West Coast, yet whose work exemplifies the ethos of the West Coast.

I showed at the last WCC. Do I have to reapply?

Returning vendors must reapply. In order to keep WCC diverse and a source of new and exciting designers and craftspeople, it seeks to maintain a balance between veteran vendors and new vendors looking to join WCC.

I heard that there are scholarships for a few of your booths. Tell me about them!

The WCC Scholarship Program awards free half booths to highlight the work of emerging artists and designers.

The requirements for applying for a WCC scholarship booth are that you have never shown in a major craft or design show before, and two or three sentences describing why you and your work should be selected. You can only apply for a regular booth or a scholarship booth, but not both.

Applicants are only responsible for the non-refundable $20 application fee, and should they be accepted, for any additional rental charges (e.g., tables, linens, additional chairs, electrical and Wi-Fi access).

Applications open for the Summer ’17 scholarship booths on February 1st and close on February 15th. Applicants will be notified about the status of their applications on March 1st.

I’d love to be a sponsor of West Coast Craft! Where can I get more information?

We have many exciting opportunities for sponsors interested in being part of the WCC experience! Email us for more information.