Apexer‘s Basketball Court in Hayes Valley


Art on a wall is great and all, but how about under your feet? A basketball court in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco is getting a makeover. Not only are they resurfacing the entire sports area (it serves as both a basketball court and a tennis court), they’ve brought in local graffiti legend Ricardo Richey, aka Apexer, to paint the neighborhood mainstay.

Jointly supported by SF Rec & Park, Project Level, Project Impact and the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation, around $100,000 was put forth to facilitate the painting, equipment, and resurfacing. The KDFC was started specifically with the intent of enriching the lives of at-risk youth in the Bay Area through athletics, such as paying for the newly renovated Hunter’s Point Youth Park completed just last year.

For the cherry on top, Apexer was called in to splash the court with his signature bold colors and angled geometric shapes. A native of San Francisco’s Mission District (a nieghborhood known for its colorful murals), Apexer gained popularity in the graffiti scene in the 1990’s. He eventually switched to the world of galleries and commissions, and along the way became one of the city’s most prolific muralists.