Space Is the Place


We’ll be the first to admit it: the cosmos is a pretty hard concept to wrap your head around. Realizing that we’re all just living our lives on a massive ball hurtling through an infinitely expanding galaxy populated by innumerable stars and planets and gas clouds and comets and...just wow, right? Space is a trip.

That’s why we prefer our “space” in a more easily digestible format, the kind of tangible here-and-now that you can fit in the palm of your hand, hang from your ear, or mail to a friend. It’s why we’ve assembled this shopping list, gathering a few of the rad vendors making the most out-of-this-world pieces at our upcoming SF Summer ‘19 show.

These moonscape cards from Go Go Luna

The Cosmic Incense Holder by Lizbeth Navarro

The Moonrock Vase by Balefire Glass

The Full Moon Bath Tea by Moon Bath

The Goddess Necklace by Nikki Montoya

The Moongate Ring by Solee Darrell Jewelry

The Summer Solstice Palette by Aether Beauty

The Psych. Research tee by Moon Collective

The Star candle by The Sphinx and the Priestess

The Portal earrings by While Odin Sleeps