’Tis the Season

shopping guide 

Everyone knows that spring is sappy, summer’s too sweaty, fall is sad, and winter is for chumps. This is why the city of San Francisco voted to get rid of the old seasons sometime in the late 1800s (don’t fact check us on that) and replace them with something new. A season that’s not only fun and loud but also memorable, exciting, and changes from year to year: Festival Season.

And it’s almost upon us! West Coast Craft will be at Outside Lands for the WCC x OL Marketplace, metaphorically plopping our butts down on a giant, 50-vendor-sized blanket in the middle of the Polo Fields.

Since we’re (one of) your reasons for the season, we’ve compiled this handy festival ready list of SF Summer ‘19 vendors selling all the things you’ll need.

Kin The Label’s updated take on the straw hat
The ultimate summer shorts from Gravel & Gold

Zoca Lotion’s broad-spectrum suncreens
Hey Ma Goods Co. tribute tee to four of the greats
Subtle but but still statement earrings from Hey Murphy

Show it all off with Junes’s mesh tote

Nipomo’s easy breezy blanket rolls

The pocket friendly wallet from Lillian Farag

These handwoven scrunchies are next level from Casa Lima
jujumade’s mustard suede cap

Throw it way back with a cassette pin from designer Maya Ealey

Never let ‘em see you sweat with Fat and the Moon deoderant cream

This insane beaded (!!!) top from Salihah Moore

Jazz up that corner store lighter with these cases from Therese Kuempel