WCC Weekend Guide 

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Just in time for the weekend: a handy-dandy list of things to get up to in the Bay Area and sunny Los Angeles!


Michael Jang’s California
Cult San Francisco photographer and life-long resident Michael Jang gets the credit he deserves with his first retrospective, opening this weekend at the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts.

A pioneer in contemporary 70s and 80s street photography, Jang photographed everything from his extended family to mundane street scenes to mega-celebrities, like catching David Bowie or Ronald Reagan unaware. While Jang’s photos may be of a California long since gone, the humor and sincerity in them undeniably transcend time. 

Michael Jang’s California opens this weekend and runs until January 1, 2020, at the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts. Opening reception is Saturday, September 28, at 5pm. 

The UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley’s Fall Plant Sale
Horticulture fans rejoice! On Sunday, September 29, you’ll be able to get your paws on as many cacti, ferns, succulents, and subtropicals that your little heart desires, as well as vintage and rare botanically-related books.

From 10.30am - 3pm the garden is open to non-members, so stroll on in, find your new favorite plant bud, and lend an ear to their expert staff on just how best to keep them alive (the plants, not the staff).

And of course, help your new plant friends settle into their new home by playing them their favorite tunes!

The University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley’s fall plant sale is open to the public on Sunday, September 29, from 10.30am - 3pm. 

The Montgomery Street Climate Mural
We appreciate anyone willing to speak up for the preservation of the planet (we live here, after all), urging the world to find renewable ways to produce energy, and we especially love it when it’s done in a creative, beautiful way.

This temporary “curb to curb” installation, consisting of 14 murals on Montgomery Street was painted by activists from the "Strike for Climate Justice" protest. Head downtown and check out the massive beautiful work before it disappears! 

The Montgomery Street Climate Mural is located on Montgomery Street, between Sacramento & Pine streets. 


The Watts Towers
It’s no secret that we love Simon Rodia’s “Nuestro Pueblo”, the series of concrete, wire, and glass behemoths that stab into the sky over the Watts neighbohood of Los Angeles. This massive monument to naive art is always an interesting place to visit, but this weekend may be the perfect time to stop by.  

Not only is Saturday the 38th Annual Day of Drums Festival, but Sunday is the 43rd annual Simon Rodia Jazz Festival. Each event offers a multitude of sounds and rhythms, showcasing a range of performers that are just as multicultural as the surrounding community. From Aztec and Korean drummers to Italian and Afro-Cuban improvisational jazz, this weekend offers a chance to explore cultures and their music from all over the world, all while under the looming work of Simon Rodia.

The 38th Annual Day of the Drums Festival is Saturday, September 28 from 10am - 6pm. 

The 43rd Annual Simon Rodia Watts Towers Jazz Festival is Sunday, September 29, from 10am - 6pm. 

Cross Colours: Black Fashion in the 20th Century at the CAAM
Anyone who was around in 90s should remember the bright, geometric designs of the cutting-edge clothing line Cross Colours, especially if you were paying any attention to Will Smith. Opening today at the California African American Museum, “Cross Colours: Black Fashion in the 20th Century” explores the history of the brand’s concept, social, and cultural impact through photos and displayed garments.

Whether or not you were a Fresh Prince fan, this weekend is a perfect time to get inspired by a bygone era of streetwear.

Cross Colours: Black Fashion in the 20th Century opens today, September 27, 2020, and runs until March 1, 2020 at CAAM

Offal Exhibition at the LAMAG
Where do ethnic cross-cultural relations, sculptures, and consuming animal innards all converge? At the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery’s “Offal” exhibit, of course.

It’s the last weekend to check out this multi-artist exhibit that explores ideas of self-representation, culinary roots, and being considered “abnormal” in comparison to western ideas of gastronomy through sculpture, paintings, and art installations.

Not for the squeamish, so maybe head over on an empty stomach. 

The Offal Exhibition at the LAMAG  closes Sunday, September 29, 2019. 

Published September 27, 2019