Material Domestication at the MCD

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On view until June 14, 2019, at the Museum of Craft & Design, Material Domestication features the work of six contemporary artists: Jamie Bardsley, Nathan Craven, Christine Lee, Mi-Kyoung Lee, Rowland Ricketts and Adam Shiverdecker whose work focuses on slow production and repetition. The show focuses on needlework, knitting, weaving, and other fiber-based techniques, as well as casting and dyeing, with a spotlight on the repetitive nature of these crafts. 

From the museum site:

These practices are often rooted in the notion of craft as women’s work. Typical processes include needlework, knitting, weaving and other historical fiber based techniques. Modular components are stacked, folded, knitted or woven into existence by these artists. They were chosen specifically as a means of expanding the conversation pertaining to the relevance of — or perhaps insignificance of — gender in contemporary craft.  The purpose of Material Domestication is to be inclusive rather than exclusive. It is an attempt to dismantle the dualities of gender. Each artist achieves enormous scale through the use of physical repetition and in turn, further dispels the notions of craft and gender.