Great Outdoors (for the Indoors)

Shopping guide

Someday, whether you like it or not, you’ll find yourself in nature.

You’ll find yourself at a campground, on a beach, or in a big national park. Your mind will race with thoughts like “this carpet is weird” or “the ceiling is blinding me” or “that massive housecat keeps following me around”.

And when that happens, we’ll be here for you. Well, not us, but our amazingly talented WCC artists. Here they are with work to remind you of your one foray into nature, all of it perfect for a morning at home, a lunch with friends, or an evening on your back porch... but still well within the parameters of your comfort zone.

Dalmation Jasper earrings by Hinge

The coziest of knits from Babaà

The Forest Friends blanket from Hillery Sproat

A gorgeous giclee print of Yosemite by Sam Lee Hello

Botanical teas from Juniper Ridge

Natural abalone and pearl beauties from Bobbij

Sleep under the stars with a cozy and ethically harvested sheep hide from Shepherdess Hides

Washed silk bandanas by OZMA

Ilano’s just-the-right-amount-of-sun hat
Break Studio’s just-the-right-amount-of-light Half Moon lamp

Baracudda Brand‘s killer colorblock overalls

Artist Katie Gong’s Squiggle Standing wooden sculpture

Hand-printed botanical screens by artist Jen Kindell

Pioneer carbon steel skillets by Northwest Skillet Company

Natural, handmade soaps from Temazcal Life

IIIVVVYYY’s Rising Sun planter