Fire Regulations

PLEASE NOTE: All West Coast Craft vendors are expected to comply with the following rules. Please bring all certifications and proofs of treatment to WCC. Thank you for helping us keep West Coast Craft safe for all our vendors and visitors!

Booth construction material and furnishing regulations

All booth walls and/or displays shall be either:
  • Made from non-combustible materials
  • Treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition by an approved flame retardant solution process as stated below
  • Meet the flame and smoke density ratings*

*Combustible materials having a flame spread rating of less than 225 and a smoke density rating of less than 450, as determined by ASTME 84 (Tunnel Test), and certified as such, comply with the NFPA codes listed below.
Please Reference NFPA 701 and 101-10.3.1, 10.3.5, and 12.7.5 (all) for more information.

Acceptable materials for booth walls, displays and furnishings (must meet regulations as stated above)*
  • Treated wood
  • Treated drapes, fabric, hangings, curtains, and props
  • Treated poster paper and banners
  • Treated dried flowers
  • Cut flowers in water, in small quantities
  • Potted plants in soil, in small quantities
  • All other decorative materials, including plastics
  • Foam core board (PVC) shall be a certified flame resistant type. No exceptions

Unacceptable booth materials for booth walls and/or displays
  • Cardboard
  • Plywood under ¼” thickness
  • Oil paper
  • Tarpaper
  • Nylon
  • Materials that cannot be flame treated
  • Untreated material
  • Cut flowers not in water

Product & Storage
  • Product (items for sale) does not need to be fire treated
  • No candles or incense may be lit in the venue at any time
  • Empty boxes must be stored outside the venue and not in your booth
  • All product storage must be within your booth footprint – if you are in a booth along the wall, the space between the wall and your booth is a fire lane and must be kept clear

Indoor Tenting
The state of California requires that all tents have a "Registered Flame Retardant" tag sewn (see below) into the fabric or that equivalent manufacturer documentation be provided. Please reach out to your tent’s manufacturer if this tag is damaged or lost.

If your tent has treated fabric, the name and registration number of the approved applicator and approved chemical used, and the date of treatment.

If your tent has registered fabric, the trade name and registration number of the approved fabric, and the date of production.

A tent’s maximum size is 10’x10’.

All tents must have a fire extinguisher (2 A 10 BC) and smoke detector inside. These items will be the responsibility of the Booth Vendor.

All indoor tents should be approved by West Coast Craft prior to the show. Email for approval.

Indoor Cooking
Sterno, hot boxes and electric hotplates are allowed, but all cooking and heat source arrangements must be pre-approved. All heating/cooking equipment should be approved by West Coast Craft prior to the show and included in Food Permit paperwork. Email for more details

Proper inspected and tagged fire extinguishers (2 A 10 BC) must be provided by the food vendor.

Outdoor Cooking
Propane tanks and charcoal grills may be allowed outside the buildings with permission and approval of West Coast Craft prior to the show. Email for more details.

Example of the Seal of the State of California Fire Marshal