Load-in & Load-out

Load-in sign up instructions
All vendors will load in based on their selected load-in time. A load-in time may be selected from a list of time slots available on a first-come, first-serve basis starting when load-in sign up begins on Tuesday, March 10.

Access the sign up here.

All booth vendors who have not signed up for a load-in time by 5pm on Friday, May 8, 2020 must load-in from the parking lot and may do so at any time during load-in hours.

Load-in ends at 8pm and set up must be completed by 10pm. The Pavilion doors will be closed at 10pm.

Friday, June 12th Load-in instructions
Please note: children under 16 are not allowed in the venue during set up on Friday, June 12.

Enter Fort Mason Center via Buchanan St & Marina Blvd and proceed to the Festival Pavilion.

West Coast Craft staff will be at the Festival Pavilion entrance to direct you to park in the apron (the loading area immediately outside the venue entrance).

Once parked, you may load your product and displays into the Pavilion.

Please bring all your items to your assigned booth within 20 minutes of your load-in time and then re-park your car in the parking lot.
  • Once your vehicle has been moved, you may return to the Festival Pavilion to set up your booth until as late as 10pm.

West Coast Craft expects
You will arrive at your assigned load-in time or park in the parking lot and load in during set-up hours.

You will be prepared to quickly move your displays and product into the venue.

You will alert West Coast Craft if you are running late and will not arrive before 8:00pm.
  • If you are not occupying your booth by 8:00pm and we haven’t heard from you or arranged a Saturday morning arrival previously with you, we may decide to pull you from the show without a refund.
  • Should you need to contact us, email us at SFvendors@westcoastcraft.com .

You must be completely loaded-in and vacated from the venue by 8pm.

What you can expect
Your booth numbered for wayfinding ease.

If you reserved rentals, your rentals will be in your booth. If your rentals are missing, check with us at the info desk.

If you reserved electricity access, you will have an electrical outlet available on the back wall of your booth. You should plan on bringing an extension cord and/or a power strip.

Sunday, June 14th Load-out instructions
Please note: children under 16 are not allowed in the Festival Pavilion during break down starting at 6pm on Sunday, June 14th.

No early departures prior to the show closing at 6pm are permitted.

When the event ends:
  • Food vendors in front of the venue will pack up and leave as guests are flushed from the interior of the Pavilion.
  • The Best Booth Contest winner will be announced!
  • Load-out will begin at 6:15pm to allow outdoor vendors time to vacate the area.
    • You may load out of the Pavilion at any time after 6:15pm.
    • If you need to park your vehicle in the space immediately outside the venue entrance and/or use ANY of the WCC carts/dollies* you must have a load-out slip.
      • Load-out slips will be handed out by West Coast Craft staff to booths that are ready to load out, and may be obtained from the cart attendant near the Information Desk or by roaming staff.
      • Load-out slips are not the same as the load-in slip you received on Friday.
  • On your way out of the venue, please bring your tables, chairs, and rolling racks to the Info Desk. There will be a stack for each in the entryway. 

*West Coast Craft highly recommends bringing your own cart/dolly.

West Coast Craft expects
You will bring your tables, chairs and rolling racks to the front before leaving.

You will take all your displays and furniture with you and leave your booth “broom ready” upon departure.
  • Oversize trash left behind will make vendors subject to a $250 fee.

You will not depart prior to 6:15pm.
  • Vendors risk application denial at future WCC shows for early departures.

You will be packed up and out of the venue by 11:00pm.

What you can expect
Most West Coast Craft vendors depart by 7:30pm.

Load-out details will be reiterated via email in the morning on Sunday, June 14.