Liam Kaczmar of Summerland


We just set the timer on our phone for 95,040 minutes from now, which is officially when our WCC Los Angeles winter show kicks off. We’re pretty excited, alright? 

Not just for the show, but for all of the rad vendors who are going to be there with us. Case in point: Liam Kaczmar of Summerland. We recently sat down with man behind the cult bong brand and talked banking with a bong company, how surfing is the cure for everything, and what it’s like to see your products pop up in popular HBO shows.

Are you from the West Coast? If not, what brought you to these fair shores?
I grew up in Syracuse, New York and moved to San Francisco, California in 2007. I finished art school at Syracuse University and was looking for a creative city to live in to try to make it as an artist & designer - the west coast was calling my name and I can't get away.

In running Summerland, what have been your biggest challenges?
Running a weed-related brand, it's been interesting battling stigma around "drugs". It’s been especially hard to do banking - I’ve been kicked off of so many credit card processors - you name it, they've shut me down, even though I'm just selling ceramics. Advertising on social media is also blacklisted still, even though alcohol is allowed.

What makes those challenges worth it?
I love the idea of how many Summerland bongs are actually out there being enjoyed. It's such a cool thought thinking of people using something you made, ritualistically.

What’s your burrito order and where are you getting it?
El Castillito: Veggie burrito in a tomato tortilla. Black beans, add jalapeños, sub guac for sliced avocado, no sour cream.

Hook Fish: Poke burrito, no rice, and hey can you squirt some of that hot sauce in there while you're at it?

Worst job? And did anything good come from it?
The worst job I ever had was also the highest paying and most corporate: four years as an art director at an ad agency. I thought it was my dream job but it put me through the ringer, and made me really question what I actually wanted to be putting my time and energy towards in life. I went full force on Summerland as soon as I quit.

Favorite current clothing and body products?
Summerland's hemp tees. I spent a long time trying to source the best hemp tees, and finally landed on the perfect one which we now print all of our tees on. They have this wonderful toothy thickness to them, feel great on your skin, keeping your temperature wonderfully regulated in both warm and cold weather. They are naturally antimicrobial, so you can grab it off the floor for day 2 if you're gross like I am. And do I need to list the many eco benefits of hemp?

I surf a lot and am constantly battling the sun. Manda  or Mr. Rock and Friends natural sun pastes keep my face safer without sketchy ingredients that can harm me & the ocean. Post-surf I love Everyday Oil with a squirt of CBD in it, or Sun Worshippers Serum by URB if im especially crusty.

What’s your astrological sign?
Picsces power!

What are you doing once you close up the proverbial shop for the day and what helps you avoid creative burnout?
Taking a bong rip & skateboarding down the hill to yoga or a Sunset surf session.

Forget about it - do something else, screen free - go surf - walk the dog and get super high - do yoga and trip yourself out - go to bed - drive North or South - HANG UP AND THRIVE!

It’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but what do you to practice self-care?
Surfing! It’s like stepping into another world. Even after the crappiest session you feel so refreshed.

Tell us your guilty pleasure tv shows and why you love ‘em!
I love High Maintenance because I'm a typical contemporary stoner and it speaks to my algorithm, but it’s also wonderfully raw and honest and gives me funny feelings. Also, our bongs show up in the background sometimes and that's a funny ego boost.

My Girlfriend and I have been binge watching Check it out! with Dr. Steve Brule and it makes me feel really crazy right before bed.

Five brands you are really loving right now?
Mary Joe
Mister Green
Swami Select
Online Ceramics