Load In & Load Out

Load In Sign Up Instructions
All vendors will be provided with either an 8/7 or 8/8 load-in date.

Load In Instructions
  • Please plan to arrive to begin your load-in no later than 4:00pm to allow enough time to unload and have your vehicle off-site by 6:00pm. This is a strict cut-off; no new vehicles will be escorted in after 5:00pm. We highly recommended you arrive earlier in the day. 
  • Enter the Park at Lincoln Way & 41st Ave, following signs for Concert Deliveries.
  • Turn right on MLK Jr. Drive, continuing to follow Concert Delivery signs.
  • Merge left onto Middle Drive West (again, following Concert Delivery signs).
  • At this point, you will be met by a Vendor Coordinator. We’ll make a note of your arrival and work you into our vehicle escort system. All vehicles must be escorted to where they will park to unload. This process can take some time so please be prepared for some waiting — we thank you for your patience.
  • All craft vehicles must remain on the upper track. We will assist you with golf carts to load-in your supplies from the perimeter road to your booth. We suggest bringing small hand-cart or wagon to help expedite this process.
  • Please note, there is NO DRIVING ON THE GRASS at any time. We will be providing golf cart assistance to ensure the grass stays beautiful while helping you get where you need to be. Also, please make sure always to stay on the Upper Track of the Polo Fields during all load-in and load-out.
  • DO NOT proceed onto the grounds without an escort.

La Playa Parking Pass Instructions
There is EXTREMELY limited parking in and around the park. Enter Park at Fulton/47th Ave or Lincoln Way/La Playa Street. Park along MLK according to the key in the map here. Make sure your company name and cell number are clearly displayed on the dashboard at all times. You may take the staff shuttle.

Please allow enough time each morning to park (or re-park if you are unloading merchandise to your booth) your vehicle and make your way back to the field.

Staff Entrances — By Foot
Be sure that your staff will arrive well in advance for their shifts since entering the park on event days can take some time. Please note, all staff entering through the pedestrian entrance will be subject to a bag / box / package search and tagging. Please allow enough time to get to the park and go through the search before your shift starts.  

The entrances to the venue are located at the intersection of 30th Ave. and JFK, or on the other side of the venue at Middle Drive West. At each venue pedestrian entrance there should be one lane that is a staff/vendor entrance and your staff may enter through this gate with their wristbands. If you bring a bag in with you by vehicle during the load-in it should either stay behind your booth or, if you need, to carry it into the site with you at some point you should go to one of the staff gates to get it tagged.

Load Out Instructions
Please note: children under 16 are not allowed in the Festival Pavilion during break down starting at 6pm on Sunday, June 9th.

No early departures prior to the show closing at 6pm are permitted.

When the event ends:
  • Food Vendors in front of the venue will pack up and leave as guests are flushed from the interior of the Pavilion
  • Load out will begin at 6:15pm to allow outdoor vendors time to vacate the area
    • You may load out of the Pavilion at any time after 6:15pm
    • If you need to park your vehicle in the apron and/or use ANY of the WCC carts/dollies you must have a load out slip
      • Load out slips will be handed out by West Coast Craft staff to booths that are ready to load out, and may be obtained from the cart attendant near the information booth or by roaming staff
      • Load out slips are not the same as the load in slip you received on Friday
  • On your way out of the venue, please bring your tables, chairs, linens, and sign hooks. There will be a stack for each in the entryway. It is a huge help for us, keeps our costs low, and we really appreciate the extra effort!

These details will be reiterated at the show in the morning on Sunday, June 9.