On December 7 & 8, WCC Los Angeles will bring 300+ of the best artist and designer craftspeople to Skylight ROW DTLA in the heart of LA’s historic downtown.

West Coast Craft is always free and open to the public

Applications for LA Winter ‘19 are now closed. 

Skylight ROW DTLA

South Lot

777 Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.



The West Coast Craft Scholarship Program awards four half booths to emerging designers and artists who have never shown at a major craft and design show. As part of our ongoing efforts to make WCC increasingly diverse and inclusive, two of those four spots are reserved for people of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Past scholarship winners include PantehartGentle Thrills, Soft Century, Roberta Klug, Julian Watts, Rami Kim, Aliya Wanek, and Everett Noel.

Vendor FAQ

What are the booth sizes and costs?

  • A 10’x10’ full booth costs $750
  • A half booth costs $400
  • A food truck space costs $550

Please note, your application will not be juried until your booth fee is paid in full. 

And good news: vendors who apply and are accepted to both Winter LA and SF shows will receive a $100 credit towards their booth fees!

Is there an application fee?

There is a $25 non-refundable application fee included in the cost of your booth. Should you not be accepted to show at WCC, your booth fee, minus the $25 application fee, will be refunded to you. 

How soon after I apply will I know if I have been accepted or not?

You will hear about the status of your application within one month of paying your booth fee.

What does the booth fee cover?

Each booth comes with a sign with your business name and booth number. Fast and dependable WiFi is also included. 10’x10’ tents, tables, chairs, and linens can be rented for an additional fee.

Vendors will have Friday, December 6 to load-in and set up their booth. 

Can I share a booth with another vendor?

Yes, you may share your booth with one other vendor. Both applicants must apply at the same time in order for either application to be considered. The two applications are juried as a whole, and the results of the jurying will be the same for both vendors.

Do I need to have a website for my work?

Yes, applicants are required to have a website that accurately reflects the work they intend to show at West Coast Craft.

Do I have to live on the West Coast to apply?

No! West Coast Craft accepts vendors whose work exemplifies the ethos of the West Coast regardless of where they are from.

Where is WCC Los Angeles held?

WCC Los Angeles will be held at ROW DTLA, a thoughtfully reimagined retail and creative space in the heart of LA's historic downtown. The outdoor market will be held in the South Lot, and will take place rain or shine. Tents will be available to rent through WCC.

(South Lot images by Katie Gibbs)

What does the jury look for in applications?

The jury considers many things when discussing applications: technique, skill level, use of material, branding, website design, and price point. WCC looks for ethical practices in every stage of the design and production of all work. WCC seeks work that blurs the line between fine art and craft, traditional and modern, and reflects larger trends while exploring new ideas.

When do applications close?

Applications are juried on a rolling basis and will close as soon as our roster is filled.

What is the WCC Scholarship program?

The West Coast Craft Scholarship Program awards six full booths to emerging designers and artists who have never shown at a major craft and design show, with three of the booths reserved for applicants of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

The requirements for applying for a WCC scholarship booth are that you have never taken part in a major craft or design show with 50 or more vendors before, along with two or three sentences describing why you and your work should be selected. You can only apply for a regular booth or a scholarship booth, but not both. If you apply for both, neither application will be considered.

Three of the six scholarship booths are reserved for applicants of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Previously participating in major craft or design shows will not affect your Diversity Scholarship application. If you wish to apply for one of these three spots, please indicate so in the "Notes" section of your application.

Applicants are only responsible for the non-refundable $25 application fee, and should you be accepted, for any additional rental charges (e.g., tables, linens, chairs, and tents).

Scholarship applications open on July 16. All scholarship applicants will be notified of the status of their application within one month of appyling. Just head to the application page and choose “Scholarship Booth” or “Diversity Scholarship Booth” from the dropdown menu to apply.