Mighty Minimalism

Shopping Guide

While we often subscribe to the notion that more is more, we also know that are many instances where that age-old adage “less is more” is the way to go. Things that are effortlessly minimalist often speak to us at a greater volume and connect to us on a deeper level, soothing our cluttered minds and our messy, messy hearts. 

Minimalism represents more than just the design of an item, however. It represents the functionality and purity of a piece, and celebrates it in all of its bare authenticity. With this idea in mind, we’ve gathered together some favorite pieces by WCC Los Angeles vendors that all scream “Yes! Sometimes less is more!”

Amelia Wrede Davis’s forage bowls

The Sammie Workshirt by Esby
N/O Vessels by Brave Matter

Body Philosophy’s baby blue silk polo blouse
Tabletop light, a collaboration between Cloutier Ceramics and Rico Duenas

Anchovy’s Balance earrings

Crystal PVC clogs by Santa Venetia

First Rite’s pleated dress

The Patra hair pin by Harp

Taka’s Market Slides 

White Space Jewelry’s Pearl Empress earrings
Vases by Mudwitch 

Aurorei’s Rei Long jacket

A vintage frame baguette from if i fell

Om Seed Sound print by Margins Imprint
Custom mobiles from niknik studio

Pair Up’s Painter’s Jacket

The Conch vase by Salamat Ceramics

The Heir Tote from The Goods LA

The Sunset Pedestal Planter by Peaches the Studio

Canvas shirt from Kalimade

Gathering chairs by The Long Con

Moon Pitcher by Luvhaus