Hank Cheng’s Miniature Dioramas


The room of a manga-obsessed teenager. A late night bar emptied of patrons. A one-room apartment somewhere in Taiwan. A sleepy roadside pit stop, junked-out cars in the side lot. Two massive robots, fighting to the death in a bombed out city. These familiar (and unfamiliar) scenes all have two things in common: they’re all about 6 inches tall, and they were all painstakingly hand-made by Hank Cheng, a Taiwanese diorama artist. 

Cheng spends around 12 hours a day creating realistic miniature models of places near and dear to his heart. His bedroom, painstakingly recreated at 1/6th scale. The supply shop in the small mining town where he grew up. His parents’ house. A wrecked Gundam, the robotic protagonists of his favorite anime. The very first model he ever made was of his favorite Japanese restaurant, Cheng’s regular haunt while he attended university. 

While the 12 hour days and meticulous detail may seem daunting to us, immersing himself in “small people world”, as he puts it, makes Cheng feel relaxed. 

Check him out below!

All photos courtesy of Hank Cheng’s Instagram