Pinterest’s Inspiration Point, Inspired by Bubblegum


In 2018, we partnered with Pinterest to bring our winter show attendees a welcome respite from the packed holiday shopping: Inspiration Point.

Tim Belonax, Pinterest Design Director and adjunct professor at the California College of the Arts, recently wrote an article detailing the impetus and brainstorming behind the colorful wooden seating: mainly that the first step in designing it didn’t involve any fancy or expensive software, but simple square pieces of gum.

Head over here to read the whole article!

“Last year, the team sponsored a space at West Coast Craft, a show of craftspeople inspired by life on the best coast, attended by hip parents or anyone looking for cool ceramics, jewelry or clothing. The event is huge and can easily overstimulate your senses, so we knew we wanted to create a space for making and relaxing. Through the alchemy of brainstorms, image curation and sketches, we landed on a concept for a space we called Inspiration Point, a combination of bleachers, modular stairs and a booth for people to try new things.”