The Echo Park Time Travel Mart


Say you’re a time traveler, and you have a shopping list. It’s not the longest shopping list you’ve ever seen, but it’s long enough and varied enough that it’s going to take you some time to fill.

It reads:

  1. Robot Milk (Shanghai, 2147 c.e.)
  2. Mammoth Chunks (Pre-Germany, 915 b.c.e.)
  3. Barbarian Repellent (Rome, 300 c.e.)
  4. Emergency Mummy Kit (Cairo, 30 b.c.e.)
  5. Viking Odorant (Iceland, 790 c.e.)
  6. Fresh Start Clones (Mumbai, 3100 c.e.)

You could spend nearly a whole day racing up and down the timeline grabbing this stuff, or you could just turn that dial to Los Angeles, 2019, and head to the Echo Park Time Travel Mart.

The Time Travel Mart is a themed storefront brought to you by 826 National, a WCC alum and the same folks behind the Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco and the Superhero Supply Co. in Brooklyn. The Mart boasts an extremely wide variety of novelty products (the above shopping list are all “products” that they carry), like “My Other Car is a Wooly Mammoth” bumper stickers or “Fire GOOD…but also bad” keychains. They even recently teamed up with fellow Summer ‘19 vendor Mokoyubi on some time-travel themed accessories, like fanny packs or pen and pencil bags.

The latter makes sense because the storefront is just that, a front, and the real meat and bones of the non-profit shop happens in the back. Every single day 20-30 kids are tutored in creative and expository writing, and there’s nothing like a window display of an animatronic robot shaking hands with a life-size caveman to get those creative juices flowing. Along with the aforementioned kitsch, visitors can also browse and purchase the student’s publications, with all proceeds going to keep the program running.

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart, along with its sister location in Venice, is open every day from 12pm-6pm.