Progress vs Innovation: In Conversation With Female Entrepreneurs of Color


This past November, West Coast Craft teamed up with Temi Adamolekun of Radiant Spaces to host an important and necessary discussion centered around this question:

Female entrepreneurs of color have often been marginalized in the quest for innovation. In a city so focused on progress and the creation of new things, is our collective energy actually being focused in a direction that benefits everyone? Who's really getting ahead and who's being left behind?

With Temi as moderator, we brought together a panel of four Bay Area entrepreneurs to discuss how being a woman of color affects starting and running a business, and how that role and its concomitant positives and negatives influences everything from motherhood to mentorship to managing finances. The panel included Lauren Godfrey of Harwell & Godfrey, Catherine Chow, owner of Azalea, Welcome Stranger, and Rand + Statler (which was the gorgeous site of the event), Giselle Gyazen, owner of Rare Device, and Morgan Walker, founder of Make•Do.

Many thanks to our wonderful partners who supported this event and helped to make it possible: Luke's Local, Native Deodorant, Matilda's Bloombox, Harlow & Grey, Undefined Beauty, Salt Point, and Tartine Bakery.