Tune In, Try On, Wear Out

shopping guide

Shoes are many things.

Essentially, they exist to cover your feet: they protect your soles, they guard your toes, and they help you get from point A to point B. But on a metaphysical level (as any teenager would attest), shoes are a statement about yourself, part of the who-what-where and how of a person. They tell part of your story, even just for a moment. Maybe you’re a skater, a beach bum, or just really into the color pink.

No matter who you are and what you like, we’ve assembled a list of our favorite shoe designers from our SF Summer ‘19 roster to help you figure it out.

A fresh take on espadrilles by Isleñas

Light summer slingbacks by Freda Salvador

Far out babouches by Vision Quest

Woven sandals by Mohinders

Dreamy sandals by Intentionally ________

Pretty pumps by Zou Xou

Eco-friendly kicks by Vamvas

A sweet rainbow offering from Dopp

Perfect Chelsea boots by Taylor + Thomas

Favorite summer shoes by Patara Shoes

Handmade mules by Alexandria Wills