Vendor InformatioN

WCC Market
December 11, 2021
10am – 4pm
Fort Mason Center

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Vendor ABCs

Booth Space & Layout
  • All booth spaces are 10’x10’. 
  • There will be 5’ open space between each booth. 
  • No tents, tables, chairs, or electricity come with your booth space and are not available to rent. 
  • Booth spaces may not be shared or subleased.
  • Please note and adhere to your booth space footprint and plan your displays accordingly (please see “Displays & Product” below).

Cancellation & Refunds

WCC reserves the right to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances, acts of a third party, or other circumstances which may compromise the safety of staff, vendors, and attendees (e.g., COVID-19, poor air quality, or heavy rain).

  • Should WCC cancel the event:
    • WCC will work closely with the venue to secure a new date for the event.
    • All participating vendors will be moved to the new date and roster, and those that are unable to participate in the new date will be issued a credit to be used at a future WCC event.

  • Should a vendor withdraw their participation:
    • Vendors may withdraw their acceptance up to 14 days before the first day of the event weekend for a full refund, or return of credit to their balance.
    • If a vendor withdraws their acceptance within 14 days of the first day of the event weekend, no refunds will be given and no credit will be reissued.

  • All fire retardancy certifications
  • Tent or canopy and weights
  • Displays, pedestals
  • Tables, linens
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Extra masks
  • Gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Small garbage receptacle
  • Wire, string, zip ties, monofilament, tapes, & tacks
  • Basic toolkit: hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, utility knife

  • Office supplies: pens, scissors, scotch tape, pad of paper
  • Payment reader
  • Tablet, phone, external battery source, & all charger cords
  • Basic self-care kit: painkillers, tissues, bandages
  • Water & snacks
  • Broom & dustpan
  • CA Seller’s Permit
  • Shims for leveling displays or shelves
  • Carpet, rugs, or floor coverings, & carpet tape

Cleaning & Garbage
  • Your booth space needs to be “broom ready” upon your departure from the venue at the end of the show. 
  • Due to COVID-19, there will be limited garbage receptacles at the event. Take everything with you, including any garbage or waste created throughout the day. 
  • West Coast Craft expects vendors to remove all trash from the event site. Any vendor who leaves any items behind will be fined $200. 

See all COVID-19 guidelines and safety procedures here.

Please leave the venue as it was found. If damage is incurred to the venue, the cost of the repair or replacement will be forwarded to the vendor responsible.

Displays & Product
  • Vendors may display their product in any way within their booth space, provided:
    • Vendor’s displays are not deemed offensive by West Coast Craft.
    • Vendors do not extend outside of their designated booth footprint. Please plan your displays according to the booth space you paid for.
    • Vendor’s displays adhere to the Fort Mason Center Fire Regulations, outlined below.
  • With the exception of vendors joining the WCC Marketplace as retailers, vendors may only sell items with their own business name. West Coast Craft is a curated show and may require the removal of any goods under a name other than that of the booth vendor.
  • West Coast Craft may require the removal or adjustment of vendor’s displays/decoration at West Coast Craft’s discretion.

Distributing Promotional Materials
You may network and advertise yourself as much as you want within your booth space, but you may not roam the event handing out promotional materials of any kind.

Fire Policies
Please view the Fort Mason Center Fire Regulations section below for a full list of policies.

Violators will be required to comply to satisfy Fort Mason Center’s Fire Marshall. Compliance may involve display removal if displays are not treated properly and treatment certifications cannot be produced upon inquiry.

Hours of Operation
10:00a — 4:00p, Saturday, December 11

You may arrive anytime between 7:00am and 9:00am on the day of the event. Plan to be show ready at 9:30am.

Your booth must be open for business during all market hours. You are not permitted to leave or pack up your booth prior to the market closing.

There will be no access to Wifi for market vendors. While 5G is accessible on the FMC campus, WCC recommends bringing a personal hotspot to ensure consistent wireless access.

Load-in, Load-out, and Show Schedule

  • Fort Mason Center has limited, affordable on-site parking.
  • There is also ample parking very near Fort Mason Center along the Marina Green.

  • CA Seller’s Permit — If you are a business functioning in California, you should already have a Seller’s Permit. Please bring this documentation to the WCC Market. You may be fined at the show if you do not have this permit should there be a surprise inspection from the state.
    • If you are a business outside of California, you must register your business to apply for a Seller’s Permit. The permit is free, but is California’s way of collecting its sales taxes. Learn more about the permit here.
    • You are responsible for collecting your own taxes.
    • When registering please list West Coast Craft as the entity holding the event. The address is 4104 24th Street, #352, San Francisco, CA 94114.

Restrooms are available in Gallery 308 and in Building B on the Fort Mascon Center campus.

Tents & Tent Safety
  • Pop-up tents are a great idea to keep you shaded and to protect your products.
  • Due to the potential for windy conditions near the San Francisco waterfront, and for the safety of all of our vendors, attendees, and the products being showcased, WCC requires all pop-up canopies, tents, or other forms of shelter in your booth space to be weighted down.
  • All tents must be properly weighted with a minimum of 40lbs per leg (160lbs total).
  • WCC reserves the right to take down any structure that is not properly weighted.
  • See below for Tent Resources.

Tent Resources

The WCC Market takes place outdoors, and though SF’s weather is generally mild we suggest that you cover your booth from the elements. With that in mind, we’ve created this handy resource to help you find the right canopy tent or covering.

Your tent or structure must be properly weighted down with a minimum of 40lbs per leg (160lbs total). Because of the frequent winds near the San Francisco waterfront, unweighted tents are a hazard to both you, your neighbors, and attendees. WCC reserves the right to take down structures that are not properly weighted.

For 10’x10’ spaces

  1. EZ-UP – multiple colors to choose from, trusted brand

  2. EZ-UP 2 – limited color choice, low price point

  3. EZ-UP Dome 10’x10’ – several color options, a 10’x10’ footprint with 8’x8’ shade range

  4. Amazon Basics – basic pop-up tent frame with canopy

  5. Slant Leg – good color options, a 10’x10’ footprint with 8’x8’ shade range

  6. UniqueCanopy – tent frame with canopy,  wheeled bag for transport ease

  7. Eurmax – multiple colors to choose from, includes 4 weight bags (without sand)

  8. UniqueCanopy Full Kit – multiple colors to choose from, includes 4 sidewalls, 4 weight bags, and wheeled bag

  9. Tent Rental  – weekend tent rental from The Sports Basement 


  1. EZ-UP Tents – straight from the source, and the most popular canopy tent pop-up company. Choose from a myriad of ready-to-go colors, or go custom for the extra pop!

  2. 4imprint – offers a number of custom-printed canopies with different add-ons to meet your needs.


Feel free to get creative! Your structure does not have to be a pop-up canopy tent. 

  1. Bamboo Pergola – smaller footprint, but endless possibilities with fabric, greenery, etc.

  2. Pop-up Umbrella – wide color choice, tilt adjustment to fit space and adjust to needs

  3. Rectangular Patio Umbrellas – good color options and price range

  4. Metal Patio Gazebo – sturdy construction but still easy to set up


  1. 10’ Tent Walls

  2. 10’ Tent Walls (set)


  1. Weight Bags, set of 4

  2. Weight Bags, set of 4

  3. Hard leg weights


  1. Sandbags or buckets

  2. Cinder blocks

  3. Water jugs (5 gallons of water = approximately 40lbs)

  4. Gym weights

  5. Cement

  6. Cat litter pails

In order to be effective, all weights must be secured to the legs of your canopy using Velcro straps, bungee cords, zip ties, rope/twine/cord, or heavy duty duct tape. 

Fire Regulations

PLEASE NOTE: All West Coast Craft vendors are expected to comply to the following rules. We have provided additional resources to help you source fire retardant materials and treatment appliers for existing displays. Please bring all certifications and proofs of treatment to WCC. Thank you for helping us keep West Coast Craft safe for all our vendors and visitors!

Booth construction material and furnishing regulations

All booth walls and/or displays shall be either:
  • Made from non-combustible materials
  • Treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition by an approved flame retardant solution process as stated below
  • Meet the flame and smoke density ratings as stated below

Combustible materials having a flame spread rating of less than 225 and a smoke density rating of less than 450, as determined by ASTME 84 (Tunnel Test), and certified as such, comply with the NFPA codes listed below. Please reference NFPA 701 and 101-10.3.1, 10.3.5, and 12.7.5 (all) for more information.

Acceptable materials for booth walls and/or displays (must meet regulations as stated above)
  • Wood that is properly treated
  • Drapes, hangings, curtains, and props
  • Foam core board (PVC) shall be a certified flame resistant type. No exceptions
  • Poster paper and banners
  • Decorative fabrics
  • Motion picture screens
  • All other decorative materials, including plastics

Unacceptable materials for booth walls and/or displays
  • Cardboard
  • Plywood under ¼” thickness
  • Oil paper
  • Tarpaper
  • Nylon
  • Materials that cannot be flame treated
  • Untreated material

Storage of boxes & combustible materials
Storage of empty cartons/boxes in or behind booth area is not permitted.

  • Tent tops, sidewalls and canopies shall have a permanently affixed label by a California State Fire Marshal licensed applicator or manufacturer bearing the following information:
    • The Seal of Registration (shown below)
    • If treated fabric, the name and registration number of the approved application concern and approved chemical used, and the date of treatment.
    • If registered fabric, the trade name and registration number of the approved fabric, and the date of production.
  • Tent’s maximum size is 10’x10’

Example of Seal of the State of California Fire Marshal

Fire rated lumber suppliers
  • San Francisco Bay Area — Beronio, Ashby Lumber, Golden State Lumber,
    Channel Lumber
  • Los Angeles — Jones Lumber, Northridge Lumber, Stock Building Supply
  • Portland — Cudahy Lumber, Parr Lumber, Mr. Plywood, Milwaukie Lumber
  • Seattle — Dunn Lumber, Compton Lumber Co, Stewart Lumber

Fire rated paint/surface treatment suppliers
All paints must be applied onto raw materials (not on top of an existing surface treatment) to be effective.

  • Firetect — (661) 295 3473 // 28298 Constellation Rd, Valencia, CA. Purchase tintable paints online or at their retail store.
  • Dharma Trading — (415) 456 1211 // 1604 4th St, San Rafael, CA. Purchase tintable paints online.

Certified fire retardant applicators
Please remember to bring proof of all treatments to West Coast Craft.

  • Clean Drapes On Site — (510) 507 4737 // 1219 Solano Ave, Albany, CA. Available to apply flame retardants onsite ($300 minimum) or at their place of business. This type of flame retardant cannot be applied to painted materials (have your displays treated before applying paint), acrylic and nylon fabrics. The cost is dependent on the level of porosity of the material to be treated, but generally 50¢ / square foot.
  • Firetect ­— (661) 295 3473 // 28298 Constellation Rd, Valencia, CA. Fabrics may be shipped to Firetect for treatment. They also sell flame retardant paints for surface treatments.
  • Flamort Co — (510) 357 9494 // 2368 Alvarado St, San Leandro, CA. Available to apply flame retardants onsite ($200 minimum) or at their place of business. The cost is dependent on the level of porosity of the material to be treated, but generally $1 / square foot.