Vendor InformatioN

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Please start your West Coast Craft planning by checking out the information on this page.

Vendor ABCs

Booth Space
  • Booths on the end of each row are considered “corner” booths and have two open sides. Mid-aisle booths will have one open side.
  • Shared booths will have two vendors in one 8’x8’ sized booth.
  • Though side walls between booths are only 3’ high, vendors may extend displays above this height.
  • Each booth will have a sign with your company name, hung from the top of your back wall. No tables, chairs or electricity come standard with your booth. Each booth will have access to an outlet located in a private common area behind the marketplace to charge devices.
  • You will have access to a shipping container to store your backstock. The shipping container is 8’x20’ (8.5’ high) and each vendor will receive (2) 17-gal bins.
  • Booth spaces may not be shared or subleased, unless previously arranged and approved with/by West Coast Craft. 
  • Please note and adhere to your booth’s footprint and plan your displays accordingly.

Violators will be forced to comply to satisfy the Golden Gate Park Fire Marshal.

  • All fire retardancy certifications
  • Displays, pedestals
  • Tables, linens
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Wire, string, zip ties, monofilament, tapes, & tacks
  • Basic toolkit: hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, utility knife
  • Carpet, rugs, or floor coverings, & carpet tape
  • Shims for leveling displays or shelves
  • Cleaners & rags
  • CA Seller’s Permit
  • Broom & dustpan
  • Cash box & sales receipt book
  • Price tags/stickers/labels, “sold” labels
  • Office supplies kit: pens, scissors, scotch tape, pad of paper
  • Payment reader
  • Tablet, phone, external battery source, & all charger cords
  • Basic self-care kit: painkillers, tissues, bandages
  • Water & snacks

Your booth space needs to be “broom ready” upon your departure from the venue at the end of the show. Plan on taking everything you came with. West Coast Craft expects vendors to dispose of all trash in their proper bins during and after the event.

Please leave the venue and all rentals as they have been found. If damage is incurred to rentals and/or the venue, the cost of the repair or replacement will be forwarded to the vendor responsible.

Displays & Product
With the exception of vendors joining the WCC x OL Marketplace as retailers, vendors may only sell items with their own business name. West Coast Craft is a curated show and may require the removal of any goods under a name other than that of the booth vendor.

Vendors may display their product in any way within their booth space, provided:

    • Vendors do not damage the pipe & drape booth “walls.” No objects or displays may be hung from the pipe. Light fabrics and papers may be used on the draped material. It must be spring clamped or hung with S-hooks to the top pipe or pinned to the fabric (provided there is NO tug on the material). The diameter of the pipe is 1-5/8”. No adhesives may be used on the pipe or the drape.
    • Vendor’s displays are not deemed offensive by West Coast Craft.
    • Vendors do not extend outside of their designated booth footprint. Please plan your displays according to the booth space you paid for.
    • Vendor’s displays adhere to the Golden Gate Park/Outside Lands Fire Regulations, which can be viewed here.

West Coast Craft may require the removal or adjustment of vendor’s displays/decoration at West Coast Craft’s discretion.

Distributing Promotional Materials
You may network and advertise yourself as much as you want within your booth space, but you may not roam the event handing out promotional materials of any kind.

Expectations for Working Staff
As you give the vouchers to your staff, please pass on the following information regarding expectations of working staff at the festival:

  1. Working staff and vendor wristbands allow access to the site before the festival opens each day. During this time there may be sound checks happening at the stages, as well as other set up operations. Unless it is related to your booth operation, vendor staff should not be wandering around the site. This is particularly important for the sound checks — people are not permitted to approach the stage. Likewise, you may not set blankets out in front of the stages.
  2. Since this a licensed event, you are not permitted to bring outside alcohol on site. You may not bring outside alcoholic beverages to drink in your booth. 

Fire Policies
Please view the Fire Regulations for a full list of policies.

Violators will be required to comply to satisfy Golden Gate Park/Outside Land’s Fire Marshal. Compliance may involve display removal if displays are not treated properly and treatment certifications cannot be produced upon inquiry.

Hours of Operation
West Coast Craft x Outside Lands Marketplace:
11:00a — 10:00p, Friday & Saturday
11:00a — 9:40p, Sunday

You may arrive anytime between 7:00am and 10:00am on show days, but you must arrive at your assigned time on the load in day. Plan to be show ready at 10:00am.

Your booth must be open for business during all show hours. You are not permitted to leave or pack up your booth prior to the show closing.

There will be free access to Wifi for Marketplace vendors. It must be limited to POS usage to ensure vendors can easily ring up sales.

Outside Lands is locked every night and patrolled by security, however, neither West Coast Craft nor Outside Lands is responsible for the safety of your property from theft, damage by fire, accident or any other cause whatsoever.

Theft can happen, and you can be prepared by taking the following steps:

    • Having someone with you in your booth to be a second pair of eyes, cover bathroom breaks, etc.
    • Merchandising your booth in a way that ensures the safety and visibility of your product
    • Never leaving your booth unattended

Load In, Load Out and Show Schedule





Payment for your booth fee is due by July 15, 2019. If you do not pay for your booth by that date, your booth may be given to someone else. Please make checks out to OSL GUIDE, LLC and include “WCC” in the memo. Checks should be mailed to:

ATTN: Ted Manyon
1815 4th street, suite C
Berkeley, CA 94710

If you prefer to pay by credit card, please email

  • CA Seller’s Permit — If you are a business functioning in California, you should already have a Seller’s Permit. Please bring this documentation to the WCC x OL Marketplace. You may be fined at the show if you do not have this permit should there be a surprise inspection from the state.
    • If you are a business outside of California, you must register your business to apply for a Seller’s Permit. The permit is free, but is California’s way of collecting its sales taxes. Learn more about the permit here.
    • You are responsible for collecting your own taxes.
    • When registering please list West Coast Craft as the entity holding the event. The address is 3108 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.

Vendors are prohibited from bringing pets unless they are service animals.

Pre-show on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Restocking 8:00am — 9:00am Each Day

  • Enter the Park at Lincoln Way & 41st Ave, following signs for Concert Deliveries.
  • Turn right on MLK Jr. Drive, continuing to follow Concert Delivery signs.
  • Merge left onto Middle Drive West (again, following Concert Delivery signs).
  • After setting up, if you need to restock your booth, please do this daily before site shut down for vehicle movement (9:00am on Friday, Saturday & Sunday). You will be able to drive to the perimeter road only. No vehicles are permitted on the grass at any time.
  • Please note that anything being loaded in on show days will need to be carted from the Upper Track by hand. Delivery and restocking vehicles must be removed from the grounds (either to vendor parking or off grounds) by 9:00am.

Neither West Coast Craft nor Golden Gate Park/Outside Lands are able to receive parcels. Many out-of-town vendors have their shipments held at UPS or Fedex locations to pick up when they arrive in town. There are also San Francisco available services such as Doorman that could work for you.

Staff Entrances — By Foot
Be sure that your staff will arrive well in advance for their shifts since entering the park on event days can take some time. Please note, all staff entering through the pedestrian entrance will be subject to a bag / box / package search and tagging. Please allow enough time to get to the park and go through the search before your shift starts.

The entrances to the venue are located at the intersection of 30th Ave. and JFK, or on the other side of the venue at Middle Drive West. At each venue pedestrian entrance there should be one lane that is a staff/vendor entrance and your staff may enter through this gate with their wristbands. If you bring a bag in with you by vehicle during the load-in it should either stay behind your booth or, if you need to carry it into the site with you, at some point you should go to one of the staff gates to get it tagged.

Fire Regulations

PLEASE NOTE: All West Coast Craft vendors are expected to comply to the following rules. We have provided additional resources to help you source fire retardant materials and treatment appliers for existing displays. Please bring all certifications and proofs of treatment to WCC. Thank you for helping us keep West Coast Craft safe for all our vendors and visitors!

Booth construction material and furnishing regulations

All booth walls and/or displays shall be either:
  • Made from non-combustible materials
  • Treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition by an approved flame retardant solution process as stated below
  • Meet the flame and smoke density ratings as stated below

Combustible materials having a flame spread rating of less than 225 and a smoke density rating of less than 450, as determined by ASTME 84 (Tunnel Test), and certified as such, comply with the NFPA codes listed below. Please reference NFPA 701 and 101-10.3.1, 10.3.5, and 12.7.5 (all) for more information.

Acceptable materials for booth walls and/or displays (must meet regulations as stated above)
  • Wood that is properly treated
  • Drapes, hangings, curtains, and props
  • Foam core board (PVC) shall be a certified flame resistant type. No exceptions
  • Poster paper and banners
  • Decorative fabrics
  • Motion picture screens
  • All other decorative materials, including plastics

Unacceptable materials for booth walls and/or displays
  • Cardboard
  • Plywood under ¼” thickness
  • Oil paper
  • Tarpaper
  • Nylon
  • Materials that cannot be flame treated
  • Untreated material

Storage of Boxes & Combustible Materials
Storage of empty cartons/boxes in or behind booth area is not permitted.

Indoor Tenting
  • Tent tops, sidewalls and canopies shall have a permanently affixed label by a California State Fire Marshal licensed applicator or manufacturer bearing the following information:
    • The Seal of Registration (shown below)
    • If treated fabric, the name and registration number of the approved application concern and approved chemical used, and the date of treatment.
    • If registered fabric, the trade name and registration number of the approved fabric, and the date of production.
  • Tent’s maximum size is 10’x10’
  • All tents must have a fire extinguisher (2 A 10 BC) and smoke detector inside. These items will be the responsibility of the Booth Vendor.
  • All Indoor tents should be approved by West Coast Craft prior to the show. Email for approval.

Indoor Cooking
  • Sterno, hot boxes and electric hotplates are allowed, but all cooking and heat source arrangements must be pre-approved. All heating/cooking equipment should be approved by West Coast Craft prior to the show and included in Food Permit paperwork.
  • Proper inspected and tagged fire extinguishers (2 A 10 BC) must be provided by the food vendor.

Outdoor Cooking
Propane tanks and charcoal grills are allowed outside the buildings with permission and approval of West Coast Craft prior to the show. Email for more details.

Example of Seal of the State of California Fire Marshal

Fire rated lumber suppliers
  • San Francisco Bay Area — Beronio, Ashby Lumber, Golden State Lumber,
    Channel Lumber
  • Los Angeles — Jones Lumber, Northridge Lumber, Stock Building Supply
  • Portland — Cudahy Lumber, Parr Lumber, Mr. Plywood, Milwaukie Lumber
  • Seattle — Dunn Lumber, Compton Lumber Co, Stewart Lumber

Fire rated paint/surface treatment suppliers
All paints must be applied onto raw materials (not on top of an existing surface treatment) to be effective.

  • Firetect — (661) 295 3473 // 28298 Constellation Rd, Valencia, CA. Purchase tintable paints online or at their retail store.
  • Dharma Trading — (415) 456 1211 // 1604 4th St, San Rafael, CA. Purchase tintable paints online.

Certified fire retardant applicators
Please remember to bring proof of all treatments to West Coast Craft.

  • Clean Drapes On Site — (510) 507 4737 // 1219 Solano Ave, Albany, CA. Available to apply flame retardants onsite ($300 minimum) or at their place of business. This type of flame retardant cannot be applied to painted materials (have your displays treated before applying paint), acrylic and nylon fabrics. The cost is dependent on the level of porosity of the material to be treated, but generally 50¢ / square foot.
  • Firetect ­— (661) 295 3473 // 28298 Constellation Rd, Valencia, CA. Fabrics may be shipped to Firetect for treatment. They also sell flame retardant paints for surface treatments.
  • Flamort Co — (510) 357 9494 // 2368 Alvarado St, San Leandro, CA. Available to apply flame retardants onsite ($200 minimum) or at their place of business. The cost is dependent on the level of porosity of the material to be treated, but generally $1 / square foot.