WCC Scholarship Applications


Beginning with the second show in the winter of 2014, WCC has offered three booths per show to up-and-coming artist and designer craftspeople whose work reflects not just the spirit and style of the West Coast, but also the potential for a robust and exciting creative practice.

The Scholarship Program was born from the knowledge that access, opportunity, and resources can look very different from vendor to vendor, and if WCC wanted to highlight the best of the West Coast, it needed to create a way to offer those three things to as many people as possible.

The West Coast Craft Scholarship Program is open to emerging designers and artists who have never shown at a major craft and design show before. Applicants need only provide the $25 application fee and a few sentences about themselves and their work. Winners receive a free half booth at the upcoming show. Past scholarship winners include Panteha Abareshi of Pantehart, Isa Beniston of Gentle Thrills, Katherine Entis of Soft Century, Roberta Klug Ceramics, artist Julian Watts, ceramicist Rami Kim, clothing designer Aliya Wanek, and knife maker Everett Noel.

Beginning in 2019, the Scholarship Program will expand to offer four booths to winners, and as part of our ongoing efforts to make WCC increasingly diverse and inclusive, two of those four spots are reserved for people of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Panteha Abareshi of Pantehart

Isa Benniston of Gentle Thrills

Katherine Entis of Soft Century

Clothing designer Aliya Wanek

Artist Julian Watts

Ceramacist Roberta Klug

Ceramacist Rami Kim

Knife maker Everett Noel