You Put Your Weed in There, Man


It’s 7:00am in San Francisco.

The walls of your apartment light up as the rising sun creeps through your window. Reaching out, you gently smack your moss covered alarm clock, bringing an end to the mellow tune. You slide your CBD-infused eye mask onto the top of your head and ready a pot of water, setting aside your Morning Blend Ganja Tea to be steeped. You amble over to the sliding door, parting your beautiful, hand dyed hemp drapes. Stepping out onto your balcony brings the raucous sound of thousands of healthy bees, happily pollinating the government mandated green spaces on the side of your carbon-neutral apartment building.

The year is 2079, and the Green Party has held a political super majority for the last half century, running on a platform of universal marijuana legalization, decriminalization, and radical eco-policy. You smile contentedly.

Just kidding! But at least marijuana is now legal on the West Coast (and some other places in the country), and we have a budding roster of vendors who are doing the easy math: marijuana + beautiful design = shut up and take our money!

Grow your own with a kit from A Pot for Pot

Pair Moriah Okun’s marigold basket with A Pot for Pot’s grow kit

Pipes with class by Miwak Junior

Stash your goods with this natural stripe jar from Lux Eros

CBD-oil (and other products) from Dazey

Light ‘em up with this handsome ceramic match holder by A Way’s Away

The perfect stash jar from La Chuparosa

CBD-rich face oil from Undefined Beauty

Class it up with these procelain smoke extensions by BrookeLyn Ceramics

Geometric bliss from Stonedware Company

Assuage those munchies with a delicious bar by Cru Chocolate