Zola & West Coast Craft


At this summer’s San Francisco WCC, there was a certain something in the air.

We’re talking about love, baby. 

It was no accident that love was bouncing off the walls of the Festival Pavilion, and it was all thanks to  Zola. The Zola team grabbed their tool boxes and built a mini, adorable post office at the show. The Zola Post sat right in the middle of the Pavilion and beckoned attendees to come take part in an age-old tradition: sending a hand-written letter to a loved one.

Zola provided the paper, pens, and even the stamps, stopping just short of writing the letters themselves (though if someone’s handwriting was a little less than legible, Zola’s professional calligraphers were there to help). Thousands of words of love and friendship were sent out that weekend, and have by now arrived at all of their destinations.

Who doesn’t like being told they’re loved? Even Oscar the Grouch loves his pet worm Slimey (well, likes him). Few things in life are better than receiving an actual, handwritten letter in the mail...especially when you least expect it.

Thanks again, ZOLA!