Michael jang’s california

Robert Cornelius may have invented the “selfie” in 1839, but a 20-year-old Michael Jang really nailed it in 1973. Looking unreasonably dapper in a black suit and dark sunglasses, the then 20 year old snapped this photo of himself on a street corner in San Francisco’s Financial District, a fitting capture for the soon-to-become prolific photographer.

The portrait would become the raison d’etre for the Chinese American artist, who would go onto lead a successful commercial portrait practice....

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an interview with isa beniston of gentle thrills

There’s a lot of things coming up that we’re excited about, but we’re really excited about our upcoming LA show. We’re excited about doing WCC in a new space under that warm So Cal sun with the finest group of vendors yet.

It’s the last bit that we’re especially excited about. WCC vendors, some just starting out and some well established, are the best that the craft and design world has to offer. And so we had a thought: we should interview some LA vendors we’re super excited about and pick their brains about their lives and brands....

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Have you ever wondered what Bob Ross would be like if he was Japanese, only used watercolors, uploaded hundreds of how-to’s to Youtube for absolutely free, and went by a mononym? Well wonder no more, because we’ve found the answer: Shibasaki.

There isn’t a lot of information out there about Shibasaki. All we’re really sure of is that he A) has been painting for over 40 years, B) studied watercolor in the US in the 1970s, C) is an insanely prolific how-to video uploader, and D) is just as calming to watch, if not more so, as our own venerable Bob Ross (RIP)....

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DEAD NUTS AT THE San francisco museum of craft and design

Take something you use every day but don’t think about much, like the engine of your car. Pop open your hood, take a deep breath, and try not to have your mind blown: every single piece of this big, beautiful thing was machined by a human being. Wild, right?

But not just any human being: a machinist. The machinist uses extreme precision, accuracy, and wild invention to turn people’s ideas into realities, like the aforementioned combustion engine or a massive crane or a circuit board or an old-timey typewriter. Dead Nuts, the current exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Craft & Design...

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Ever wonder exactly what goes into planning West Coast Craft? How much work goes into it? Just how nerve-wracking is it to set up a big ol’ 2 day event? Well, you’re in luck!

West Coast Craft is looking to fill two paid internship positions, for 1-2 days a week for the next 3 months...

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soapmaking in palestine’s west bank

We don’t often think about where our soap comes from (unless we’re buying the rad soap from the folks over at Bathing Culture), and we especially don’t think about how it used to be made, before factories and industrialization. But lucky for our curious minds, there are still traditional soap makers in other parts of the world, and double lucky: they’re filming it for us.

Nabulsi soap is a traditional soap that has been made in the same way for centuries in the old quarter of Nablus, Palestine....

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mother earth’s plantasia at the getty

Are you a plantsperson in Southern California, free on Saturdays, and have extremely discernible taste? Or are you simply a person who likes spending an afternoon hanging out  in a garden, listening to music? Either way, we have some weekend plans for you.

On Saturday, September 7th, the Getty Center in Los Angeles will be showcasing Mother Earth’s Plantasia, the wonderful album...

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pinterest’s inspiration point, via bubblegum

In 2018, we partnered with Pinterest to bring our winter show attendees a welcome respite from the packed holiday shopping: Inspiration Point.

Tim Belonax, Pinterest Design Director and adjunct professor at the California College of the Arts, recently wrote an article detailing the impetus and brainstorming behind the colorful wooden seating...

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outside lands x west coast craft marketplace 2019

Outside Lands did it again! Three days of music, food, shopping, and comedy, all  in the heart of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

The festival went off without a hitch, and the people behind it absolutely nailed it. Paul Simon for 2 hours? Count us in!

And West Coast Craft was there....

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the usda’s pomological watercolor collection

Fine art and government bureaucracy rarely intersect. And in the times they do, you’d imagine the results would be terrible, right? Wrong!

Case in point: the massive collection of Pomological Watercolors commissioned by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1886. Pomology is the branch of botany that studies and cultivates fruit (we didn’t know that either), and in an effort to document the thousands of fruits and nuts that existed in America at the time...

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Confession: we’ve got a soft spot for squiggles. Whether a massive painting of intertwined bodies by Keith Haring, the deep end of California pool by David Hockney, or the deep end of a California pool in a painting by Hockney, we’re on board. It’s why we love the ripple scarf from SUNDAY/MONDAY, or this pair of spilt wine earrings from While Odin Sleeps.

All this is to say we find ourselves drawn to the colorful, squiggly lines and objects of Brooklyn-based artist Josh Sperling....

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The San Francisco Fire Department is one of the most storied fire departments in the country, probably due to the 1906 earthquake and the resulting fires that incinerated nearly half of the city. An earthquake is basically just bad luck, and the city absolutely wasn’t prepared, but the reason it was only half of the city...

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There are two main reasons to travel to Jaimanitas, the tiny fishing town outside of Havana, Cuba, and they’re both absolutely worth it.

One reason is to visit Santy Pescador, the waterfront restaurant run by “Santy”, a former friend of Fidel and the best fish chef in the small island nation...

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Hayes valley’s new basketball court, by apexer

Art on a wall is great and all, but how about under your feet? A basketball court in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco is getting a makeover. Not only are they resurfacing the entire sports area (it serves as both a basketball court and a tennis court), they’ve brought in local graffiti legend Ricardo Richey, aka Apexer, to paint the neighborhood mainstay.

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Zellij, the art of islamic tilework 

Many things come to mind when you think of Morocco: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Dooley Wilson as Sam going hard on the piano… alright, so that’s just the movie Casablanca. But it’s in Morocco! And if you’re not familiar with the country, much of what comes to mind is through the lens of American films....

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the echo park time travel mart

Say you’re a time traveler, and you have a shopping list. It’s not the longest shopping list you’ve
ever seen, but it’s long enough and varied enough that it’s going to take you some time to fill.

It reads:

  1. Robot Milk (Shanghai, 2147 c.e.)
  2. Mammoth Chunks (Pre-Germany, 915 b.c.e.)
  3. Barbarian Repellent (Rome, 300 c.e.)
  4. Emergency Mummy Kit (Cairo, 30 b.c.e.)...

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goji no chaimu: japan’s 5pm chime 

If you live in San Francisco like us, you’ve probably become pretty accustomed to Tuesdays at noon. A slow klaxon, beginning soft but rising in volume, sounds from the thick plastic Cold War-era alarms affixed to the tops of the telephone poles: the San Francisco Outdoor Warning System....

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mother earth’s plantasia, by mort garson (1976)

Everyone loves music.

Sure, there may be some extreme outliers who don’t really get down with the ol’ ‘ear candy’, but even the hardest heart will unknowingly tap their toe when the music picks up. Which is why composer Mort Garson decided to see if even the most notorious of stoics, your garden variety houseplant, would boogie down to tunes made especially for them....

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Scholarship applications for WCC Los Angeles are now open!

The West Coast Craft Scholarship Program is open to any emerging designers and artists who have never shown at a major craft and design show before, OR who come from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Applicants need only provide the $25 application fee and a few sentences about themselves and their work.....

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At this summer’s San Francisco WCC, there was a certain something in the air.

We’re talking about love, baby. 

It was no accident that love was bouncing off the walls of the Festival Pavilion, and it was all thanks to Zola....

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Puukko knife making, by traditional crafts of finland (1972)

Many of us carry small knives throughout the day, or at least tuck them away in that kitchen drawer with extra twist ties, paperclips, and batteries of questionable functionality. While they’re handy and useful, we rarely think twice about them, and we never see them as a source of pride. This isn’t the case in Finland, though....

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“This Thursday, July 11, fans of both tattoos and fine art will be treated to a special evening at San Francisco’s de Young Museum: the opening night for the first retrospective of famed tattoo artist...

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Rugs, by jeffrey Weiss (1979)

“No other decorative touch can match the dramatic accent of a rug on a floor or wall; a rug that seems to be made for the space, whether it be a brilliant Persian, a fiery new Berber carpet from Morocco, a simple Shaker runner, or an exotic Chinese weave. Rugs is a panoramic visual report...

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YOu put your weed in there, man

It’s 7:00am in San Francisco.

The walls of your apartment light up as the rising sun creeps through your window. Reaching out, you gently smack your moss covered alarm clock, bringing an end
to the mellow tune....

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We asked one of our favorite photographers, Anna-Alexia Basile to once again shoot some of the amazing style at our recent SF Summer show.

We’re constantly awed by all of the killer outfits we see at each and every West Coast Craft and always look forward to the defacto fashion show...

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applications for WCC Los angeles are now open!

Tinseltown. La La Land. Shaky Town. The Big Orange. Lotusland. Home of “Los Doyers”.

City of Angels.

Los Angeles has had many names over the years, but there’s one thing it’s never had until 2019: a West Coast Craft....

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Great outdoors (for the Indoors)
Buying guide

Someday, whether you like it or not, you’ll find yourself in nature.

You’ll find yourself at a campground, on a beach, or in a big national park. Your mind will race with thoughts like “this carpet is weird” or “the ceiling is blinding me” or “that massive housecat keeps following me around”....

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Heath Ceramics has been designing, making, and selling ceramics in the Bay Area since 1948, and they are helping support WCC by partnering with us to give away 50 pairs of their classic large mugs...

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2 Ways to get to outside lands!

You’ve probably heard that West Coast Craft is heading back to Outside Lands this August 9-11, with an even bigger WCC x OL Marketplace....

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We’ll be the first to admit it: the cosmos is a pretty hard concept to wrap your head around. Realizing that we’re all just living our lives on a massive ball hurtling through an infinitely expanding galaxy populated by innumerable stars and planets and gas clouds and comets and...

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’Tis the Season 

Everyone knows that spring is sappy, summer’s too sweaty, fall is sad, and winter is for chumps. This is why the city of San Francisco voted to get rid of the old seasons sometime in the late 1800s...

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Shoes are many things.

Essentially, they exist to simply cover your feet: they protect your soles, they guard your toes, and they help you get from point A to point B. But on a metaphysical level (as any teenager would attest), shoes are a...

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When driving through Los Angeles on the I-105 you might catch a startling sight among the rows of tract houses: a handful of spindly towers glittering in the Southern California sun, jutting up out of nowhere...

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applications for the wcc x outside lands marketplace are now open!

West Coast Craft is excited to announce that the WCC X OL Marketplace will set up shop this Summer in the Polo Fields of Golden Gate Park for the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival!...

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The Wcc scholarship PRogram

Beginning with the second show in the winter of 2014, WCC has offered three booths per show to up-and-coming artist and designer craftspeople whose work reflects not just the spirit and style of the West Coast, but also a potential for a robust and exciting creative practice...

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WCC SF Winter ‘18 recap

The Winter '18 show was a big milestone for West Coast Craft -- not only was it our most well-attended weekend yet, it was also WCC's five year anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, we collaborated with...


five years of wcc: five years of fashion

Every time we have one of our shows one thing is certain: we're going to get one of the best dressed and on-trend crowds in the West. New takes on old favorites, to-die-for vintage duds, and the best and brightest...

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progress vs innovation: In conversation with female entrepreneurs of color

This past November, West Coast Craft teamed up with Temi Adamolekun of Radiant Spaces to host an important and necessary discussion centered around this question...

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five years of wcc: five years of setting the stage

West Coast Craft is celebrating its five year anniversary this year, and we can't believe how quickly the time has flown! It's been five years of showcasing the best artist and designer craftspeople, five years of great food and drinks, and five years of hosting the most excited and enthusiastic... 

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five years of wcc: five years of artists

Over the past five years, WCC has not only hosted an amazing roster of vendors, but it's also made space for the work of a stellar list of artists to create site-specific installations at each show.

From large scale, three dimensional, hand cut paper structures...

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foliage as inspiration: A collection of wcc ‘18 vendorS

Flowers! Succulents! Foliage! The prevalence of all things plant in everyday life has reached new heights, and botany has moved from the garden into our homes and onto the artwork, objects, and clothing we surround ourselves with....

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Charlene Holy Bear’s custom beaded vans

Charlene Holy Bear didn’t set out to become the creator of highly sought after custom Van’s skateshoes - she just sort of fell into it.

The artistry or design weren’t anything new, though. Having been born into a family of traditional artisans in the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux Tribe, Holy Bear...

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TOPS, by Charles and Ray Eames (1969)

Originally started in 1966 and only worked on during breaks between other projects, Tops (1969) is both a celebration of the historic art of spinning top making and Charles Eames’ long-standing fascination with the colorful toys. The film features 123 tops from all over the world filmed close up, set spinning to a wonderful composition by Elmer Bernstein....

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HUMANDS, by mario mariotti (1983)

Though we sometimes forget, art doesn’t have to be sophisticated, or grand, or expensively made. Never was this more apparent than with the life’s work of the late Italian composer-turned-artist Mario Mariotti (1936-1977), who turned away from his considerable music career... 

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