Brooklyn Artist Josh Sperling


Confession: we’ve got a soft spot for squiggles. Whether a massive painting of intertwined bodies by Keith Haring, the deep end of California pool by David Hockney, or the deep end of a California pool in a painting by Hockney, we’re on board. It’s why we love the ripple scarf from SUNDAY/MONDAY, or this pair of spilt wine earrings from While Odin Sleeps.

All this is to say we find ourselves drawn to the colorful, squiggly lines and objects of Brooklyn-based artist Josh Sperling.

Borrowing from the minimalist movement of the 1960s and ‘70s, Sperling creates bold three-dimensional canvases by stretching the material over plywood supports. His work is both painting and sculpture, pop art and graphic design. It is both remarkably expressive and full of boundless energy.

Sperling is currently showing in the Perrotin galleries of Japan and Paris.