Winter'16 WCC
November 12 & 13

Applications for our Winter show
are now closed.

West Coast Craft Winter '16

Summer '16 WCC
June 11 & 12

Fort Mason Festival Pavilion
10am to 6pm each day.

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West Coast Craft is a juried exhibition of artist and designer craftsmen and women inspired by the mood and aesthetics of the West Coast lifestyle.

Cool but sunny, laid back yet innovative, they represent the best of West Coast craft.

The next West Coast Craft will take place November 12 & 13, 2016, in the Festival Pavilion at the historic Fort Mason Center on the San Francisco waterfront.

Attendance is always free and open to the general public.

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West Coast Craft Vendors

West Coast Craft features 250+ of the best contemporary artist and designer craftsmen and women exhibiting handmade and manufactured products influenced by the cultural and natural histories of the West Coast.

West Coast Craft Artists

West Coast Craft invites a selection of artists to create site-specific works at each show. We are proud to feature the work of the following artists:

Ben Venom

Ben Venom's quilts juxtapose traditional handmade crafts with extreme elements found on the fringes of society, e.g. vintage tattoos, the occult, and motorcycle gangs. His work has been shown both nationally and internationally at Charlotte Fogh Gallery (Denmark), Circle Culture Gallery (Germany), Wolverhampton Gallery (England), Jonathan LeVine Gallery (New York), and the National Folk Museum of Korea, among many others.

Ellen Van Dusen

Ellen Van Dusen is an artist and designer working from Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by fine art, commercial and naive design, and the brain's reaction to movement, color and contrast, she launched Dusen Dusen, a womenswear line known for its original bold prints on versatile, wearable silhouettes in 2010. The In brand expanded in 2015 with the launch of Dusen Dusen Home, a home goods line that includes bedding, towels, pillows, and blankets.

J.S. Nero

J.S. Nero is a furniture maker, sculptor, lighting and decorative object designer from New York City. She began stone sculpting at 16 and continued to sculpt in various mediums into adulthood. Nero apprenticed under a second generation Ed Barnsley furniture maker and focused on traditional veneer work and fine woodworking. In 2012, she began designing her own pieces, diverging from her training completely and returning to a more sculptural based ethos when approaching design. She is interested in the intersection between form and function, never over designing a piece, playing with structural support and spatial dynamics, and joining disparate shapes and materials with fluidity.

California College of the Arts

WCC is excited to exhibit a selection of CCA student work at the Summer 2016 show, including large-scale textiles collages, works on paper and more by Elizabeth Russell, Hadley Radt, Mary Mocas and Paulina Berczynsk.

Meghan Shimek

Meghan Shimek is a weaver, fiber artist, and tarot reader living and working in Oakland, California. Inspired by loss, movement, healing and the acknowledgment of uncomfortable feelings, Meghan integrates the natural beauty of her surroundings, the memory of quiet snowy nights, and the sound of the stream running under her home into every weaving. She uses traditional tapestry and Navajo weaving techniques along with organic movements to intertwine raw fibers and objects to create abstract and textural wall hangings.

Guerrero Gallery

With a decade’s worth of experience and involvement in the contemporary art world, Guerrero Gallery specializes in facilitating visual aesthetics consultations for personal art collections, company/facility collections, interior/exterior murals, and environmental installations. We guide our clients in the selection of artwork that is dynamic, inspiring, honest, and progressive.

West Coast Craft Scholars

West Coast Craft is excited to present the WCC Scholarship Program. Each show, WCC offers free half booths to highlight the work of emerging artists and designers who have never shown in a large craft or design show.

West Coast Craft Artists